Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Middle Class Squeeze

Watching the media these days can cause you to think that there is no hope for the middle or lower classes in America. They are clearly getting squeezed by the corporate giants and it just isn't fair. We need economic justice, cries the media. To continue the thought of just how good we have it in America, watch this video with Drew Carey from reason.tv to get some perspective.


Anonymous said...

You said that we (the middle and lower class) are getting "squeezed" by large corporations. That isn't true. When the government interferes, the businesses are forced to do these things and they have less control over policy. Big bussiness doesn't corrupt with government, government corrupts big bussiness.

Matt said...

The media said the middle and lower classes are getting squeezed. I think your last statement has a lot of truth.